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2024 MiXBLUP License Order & Renewal Form

Ordering a first MiXBLUP license

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, you can order the appropriate license-key, required to use the software on your computer, by filling in the form below.

A trial license can be used on any computer, but commercial licenses are computer-specific. A completed form is sufficient for a trial license, but ordering a commercial license requires a license-request file (LICREQST.DAT) as well, which is produced when executing MiXBLUP.exe.

For available license-types and corresponding prices per year see the table below. You will get your commercial license-key file on the specified e-mail address after payment of our invoice. A trial license key file is free of charge.

Renewing a MiXBLUP license

A MiXBLUP license is valid for a calendar year. Please fill in the form below to renew a license for a new calendar year and tick one of the replacement license options.

Types of license and 2024 license fees

License Restriction Single seat1 Two seats1 3-10 seats1
Trial2 1 month free n/a n/a
Small2 Pedigree, <1M equations4 2,205 3,310 4,410
Full2 Unlimited 5,680 8,520 11,360
Small EC3 <1M individuals 5,680 8,520 11,360
Large EC3 Unlimited 11,360 17,040 22,720

1 A seat is a computer or server used by the license holder to run MiXBLUP
2 A small and full license are intended for license holders that use MiXBLUP primarily for genetic evaluations in breeding programmes under the control of the license holder
3 A small and large evaluation centre license are intended for license holders that use MiXBLUP primarily to provide genetic evaluations as a commercial service to external breeding programmes
4 The criterion of 1 million equations is defined as number of traits times number of individuals in the pedigree

License fees are reduced by 35% if the license holder has a license for the full MiX99 software suite, obtained from Luke, Finland, for the same calendar year.

License fees are valid for a calendar year and are updated every year.

Order & Renewal Form

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License type* Trial license
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Full license
Small evaluation centre
Large evaluation centre
Number of seats* 1
3 - 10
Type of order* New license
Replacement license
Replacement license, with contact details or license type changed
We have a MiX99 suite license, obtained from Luke, Finland, for the year for which we request the MiXBLUP license* Yes, reduce MiXBLUP license fee with 35%
Accept General Terms and Conditions for the use of MiXBLUP software
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