Breeding Value Estimation for Animal Breeding Programs


  • WUR-ASG, The Animal Science group develops, innovates and distributes know-how, products and services in the fields of Animal production and infectious diseases.

  • LUKE, National Resources Institute Finland is the leading Finnish research institute in the agriculture and food sector.

  • MiX99, MiX99 – Solving Large Mixed Model Equations

  • HG, Hendrix Genetics is a multi-species breeding company specialized in: layer breeding, pig breeding, turkey breeding, fish breeding and poultry distribution.

  • CRV, CRV BV is an international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement.

  • Topigs Norsvin is a global pig breeding company based in the Netherlands and Norway.

  • ICBF, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation.

  • Cobb Europe.

  • Breed4Food.