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Order MiXBLUP license

Order MiXBLUP license

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, you can order the appropriate license-key, required to use the software on your computer, by filling in the form below.
A trial license can be used on any computer, but commercial licenses are computer-specific. A completed form is sufficient for a trial license, but ordering a commercial license requires a license-request file (LICREQST.DAT) as well, which is produced when executing MiXBLUP.exe.
For available license-types and corresponding prices per year see the table below. You will get your commercial license-key file on the specified e-mail address after payment of our invoice. A trial license key file is free of charge.

License Functionality Relationships Number of computers per license
1 2 to 10
MiXBLUP Full   Unlimited Pedigree and genomic €4.975,- per year €9.800,- per year
MiXBLUP Small   < 1.000.000 equations in evaluation Pedigree €1.930,- per year €3.800,- per year
MiXBLUP Trial   < 1.000 solutions printed Pedigree and genomic Free Not applicable

MiXBLUP Order Form

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2 - 10 (only in combination with ‘Full’ or ‘Small’ license)
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